Our Mission


To help Anti-Fraud Rockstars better prevent & detect fraud.

At Fraud not Frog, we take a different approach to training and learning continuing professional education (CPE), that is mobile friendly, exclusive and affordable. Whether you are a fraud examiner, private investigator, auditor, CPA, forensic accountant, attorney, law enforcement or even someone who has little or no experience but is simply curious about this amazing space, welcome home.

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Hi. I'm Matt. 

A few years ago, I found myself frustrated with the training that was offered to fraud investigators. Some of it felt like watching a bad 80's cop show. Live trainings were generally awesome, but with limited time and travel budget, my only option was online content, which I just didn't connect with. I wanted to become a better fraud fighter and not just earn continuing professional education credits (CPE).


Like you, I'm passionate about preventing and detecting fraud. This field is so dynamic and we need quality education that will help us better serve especially with how fraud is committed today.


Working in the Anti-Fraud industry is so fun. So should learning and earning CPE. I hope you will join in and participate with us in building an amazing platform that truly helps you be an Anti-Fraud Rockstar.

If you have ideas and suggestions on future trainings, podcasts, speaking events or just want to network, please drop me a note below or connect with me on social media. 


Matt Christensen

Prevents & detects fraud, not frogs.

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