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OK. What's this all about?

Fighting fraud is fun. Now earning CPE is too.


Not all fraud examiners and auditors can afford $60-$70 p/ CPE credit - even when the value is there in most cases. But if you are limited on budget or you don't resonate well with the current offerings, welcome home.

The training you take to earn CPE should be as awesome as you. That's why we're launching a library of courses to help you actually be a better professional you. 


We're just getting started and anxious to launch our first 5 CPE courses. That's why we created this pass, getting you access to the courses below at a discounted rate. If these courses, speak to you, sign up for the pass. More courses are being designed as we speak and available later this year.


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Our online self-study courses follow ACFE, IIA and other professional standards

for providing continuing professional education.

White Collar Fraudsters Cost Organizations More than Black Hooded Hackers

CPE Credit:1​



Course Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: N/A

Description: Hackers are real and when they want to break in bad enough they will get through.So are fraudsters. The difference? Hackers have to traverse a number of safeguards to be successful when employees start day 1 with almost all the access needed to commit fraud


  • Anatomy of a hacker vs. occupational fraudster​

  • A look at the numbers - data breaches and occupational frauds

  • Leadership support

  • Insights on working with other business units to combine & conquer

  • Recommendations to better prevent and detect occupational fraud

Fraud Experience not Required - How anyone can be an amazing investigator

CPE Credit:1​




Course Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: N/A

Description: The anti-fraud industry needs people with diverse backgrounds other than having experience outside of law enforcement and the military (and we need these rockstars too). To be a successful investigator, you need three motivators that can be learned and are not exclusively inherited at birth.


  • The depth and breadth of working in Anti-Fraud career​

  • The three learned motivators to make you a successful fraud fighter

  • How to ensure your resume speaks your knowledge 

  • Keys to breaking into the industry with little to no experience

  • Actionable takeaways to bring success to your anti-fraud career

5 Very Candid Lessons Learned when Interviewing a Suspect

CPE Credit:1​

Course Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: N/A

Description: We've all made mistakes in our career but few ever admit them. We tend to only speak of our successes yet we learn and help others learn from our failures. This course gets into personal and peer failures that will make you a better fraud fighter.


  • Real mistakes from really good investigators​ - a confidential and candid debreif

  • Be able to apply Lessons learned 

  • Approaching mistakes head on to make you better

  • Being more equipped for your next interview

Small Business Owner Fraud Prevention

CPE Credit:1​

Course Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: N/A

Description: Larger businesses can absorb fraud when small businesses often don't have that option. Small businesses also lack internal and external resources to prevent and detect fraud and far too often end up closing doors due to preventable fraud.


  • Common (preventable) small business fraud schemes

  • Impact to small business

  • Approaching and working with small business owners

  • 3 ways you can better serve your small business clients

An Interviewers Toolkit 

CPE Credit:1​


Course Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: N/A

Description: Every fraud examiner and investigator has their toolkit that they take to every interview. This toolkit is unique and likely one you've never heard of or read about


Preparing ahead of the interview​

  • Critical preparation insights

  • Checklists

  • Building the toolkit

Many more awesome affordable training to come during 2020.


Hi. I'm Matt. I love fighting fraud and I love learning just as much. My goal is to make you an Anti-Fraud Rockstar in a friendly, convenient way.

Plain and simple: If for whatever reason, you don't like the platform or the awesome training, I'll refund your money without any hassle. 

A few years ago, I found myself frustrated with the training that was offered to fraud investigators. Some of it felt like watching a bad 80's cop show. Live trainings were generally awesome, but with limited time and travel budget, my only option was online content, which I just didn't connect with. I wanted to become a better fraud fighter and not just earn continuing professional education credits (CPE).


Like you, I'm passionate about preventing and detecting fraud. This field is so dynamic and we need quality education that will help us better serve especially with how fraud is committed today.


Working in the Anti-Fraud industry is so fun. So should learning and earning CPE. I hope you will join in and participate with us in building an amazing platform that truly helps you be an Anti-Fraud Rockstar.

If you have ideas and suggestions on future trainings, podcasts, speaking events or just want to network, please drop me a note below or connect with me on social media. 

Founder, Instructor, Student

Matt Christensen

Prevents & detects fraud, not frogs.

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