I love engaging with and presenting to groups, large or small. You'll never be bored or suffer a painful death from terrible power point presentations. When booked, you get 100% from me - I go all in. I promise to leave your group with actionable takeaways to be amazing Anti-Fraud Rockstars.


Topic 1: Empowering your Workforce to Speak Up

Tips are the #1 way that fraud is initially detected in all industries yet are only effective if your employees trust to use them. This discussion is much more than implementing an effective tip line. We talk about the main barriers that exist that prevent more employees from speaking up and how to change and create a safe culture where it is expected and supported.

Topic 2: How to Successfully Build and Implement an Anti-Fraud Program

There are many challenges and opportunities when building a Fraud Program, regardless of the company size. Politics, red tape, crossed ownership, the list goes on. This can be overcome with the right strategy. We get into what works and what doesn't, methods to help leadership align and get on board, how to organize a response team and help build out RACI models that are proven to work. Too often I hear of failures in this space and these can be overcome by implementing proven strategies.

Topic 3: Using Social Media to Build Up Your Anti-Fraud Practice

We all want to have further reach and better serve our clients. It is not longer acceptable nor expected to be the Jack of All. For some Social Media comes easy (and if you are already a pro, we will help you get even better) ​and for others it's a challenge. But to survive you must collaborate. We go through 5 steps to grow your network, build real followers and help boost your online exposure. This can be catered to technical and non-technical audiences.

Other Topics:

Insider Threats, Phishing Tactics, Ethics, Fraud Frameworks, The Investigators Tool Kit, and much more.

Thank you so much for considering having me speak at your event. I can't wait to talk about what we can accomplish together for you and your audience.


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